Some final words of wisdom before you venture out into the challenging world of trading forex.

The Most Common Trading Mistakes New Traders Make

Making mistakes is part of the learning process when it comes to trading. Here are the most common mistakes that beginner traders make.

  1. The 5 Deadly O’s of Trading: What Traders Do To Guarantee Their Own Failure

    The 5 O’s of trading are fatal for traders. Your success depends on avoiding these mistakes. Learn what they are before it’s too late and you end up blowing your account!

  2. How to Lose All the Money in Your Trading Account in 10 Days (or Less)

    Do you want to learn how to make all the money you just deposited in your trading account quickly vanish?

  3. Tips for Forex Trading Beginners

    Here are some trading tips every forex trader should keep in mind before trading currencies.

  4. What Makes a Good Trader?

    What separates good traders from bad traders?

Forex Trading Scams

As awesome as the world of trading is, we can’t deny the fact that there are a lot of trading scams out there, so read through this section carefully!

  1. Forex Managed Accounts

    Would you entrust your hard-earned money to a complete stranger? If you answered “yes,” then account managers are for you!

  2. Forex Scams

    The forex market can be very exciting and a way to build wealth, which unfortunately means it attracts the less desirable sort who will try to take advantage of others. Don’t be a sucka…learn their tricks here!

  3. Forex Robots

    In the forex world, a “robot” or an “expert adivsor” is a program that strictly uses technical signals to enter in trades automatically. Sometimes the robots work, but usually they don’t!

  4. Forex Signals

    Ever thought about subscribing to a forex trading signal service? Before you do, make sure you really know what it is all about!

  5. Forex Broker Scams

    Did you know that certain brokers are actually scammers? Believe it or not, there are some brokers who “cheat” their clients.

  6. U.S. Regulatory Agencies

    If you’re in the US, you’re not alone to fight the battle against forex scams. Read more to see who has your back!

  7. Foreign Regulatory Agencies

    Don’t worry if your broker is not U.S. based. Other countries also have their own regulatory agencies!

  8. How To Protect Yourself From Forex Scams

    Scams are real. Let’s close out this section with the six most frequently asked questions about them!

Personality Quizzes

Get to know yourself first before doing anything else in your FX journey. Give the quizzes a shot and find out more about the budding trader in you.

  1. Quiz: Which Trading Style Is Best For You?

    Each trader is unique, which means each trader needs his own trading style. Are you a scalper, day trader, swing trader, or position trader?

  2. Quiz: Which Currencies Should You Trade?

    Picking which currency pair to trade is just as important as finding your own trading style. You have to find a currency pair that you are most comfortable trading.

  3. Quiz: What Is Your Level of Trading Experience?

    Are you a newbie or a pro? Your level of trading experience will determine whether you should trade live or stick to demo for a while.

  4. Quiz: What Is Your Trading Style? Discretionary? Mechanical? Both?

    Some traders rely heavily on indicators while others merely look at price action for a trade. Which style do you prefer?

  5. Quiz: What Kind Of Mechanical System Suits Your Personality?

    Should you go with a trend-following mechanical trading system or a reversal-spotting one? Find out what kind suits your personality better by taking this quiz!

  6. Quiz: What Is Your Attitude Towards Risk?

    While taking risks is inherent in trading, each trader has his own risk comfort level. Some are completely fine with betting half their balance, while others prefer extremely safe trades.

  7. Quiz: What Kind Of Stop Suits Your Trading Style?

    There are four main kinds of stops. Based on your personality and methods, which one should you use?

Graduation Speech

“You’re finally done with the School of Pipsology. But the truth is, you’ve barely scratched the surface. There are a lot more things to learn!”

  1. Graduation Speech!

    They say all good things come to an end. Now that you’re about to enter the real forex trading world, you have be ready to dive in and wrestle with the biggest sharks.

  2. Time Is Your Most Important Investment As A Trader

    Time is the best investment you can make as a trader. Every single day should be taken as a learning opportunity.

  3. Trade Like an FX Dealer

    Forex trading is a zero-sum game which is why trading like a forex dealer works to your advantage.

  4. Never Make the First Move

    Why you shouldn’t always jump in when you see the forex market making sudden moves.

  5. Focus on the Process. Not on the Profits.

    In the beginning, the process of learning forex trading properly and consistent deliberate practice should be your main focus, NOT the profits.

  6. Holy Cow! There’s No Holy Grail!

    Nobody can perfectly predict the market every single time. So, sorry to burst your bubble but the Holy Grail of trading systems doesn’t exist.

  7. Be Patient. Stay Disciplined.

    As a new trader, your main goal should be to make good trading decisions and SURVIVING!

  8. Love The Forex Game

    Like any other profession or craft, to be truly successful, you must love what you do.