Graduation Speech

Yay! You made it!

Congratulations! You’ve read all six gazillion pages of the School of Pipsology and now you have everything you need to conquer the forex world, retire in a year or two, and then go travel the world in your Gulfstream G700™ jet, right?

Think again NOOB!

Forex Graduate

I’m still a noob!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you have just barely scratched the surface.


We’re not going to sugarcoat things. We told you early on that it was going to be difficult.


If you’re a noob and just finished the School, you’re most likely going to be horrendously bad at trading.

But that’s okay. Unlike noodles, there’s no such thing as an instant expert currency trader. Anything that’s worth learning well takes time. That’s why instant noodles taste disgusting.

Going straight into the markets and trading a live account would be like trying out for the NBA just right after reading “Basketball for Dummies.”

You’d probably get out-smarted, out-hustled, out-muscled, and out-maneuvered. You just haven’t developed the skills or mental/physical conditioning enough to hang with the pros yet.

It’s the same thing with the financial markets.

Forex Shark

The trading world is dynamic and complex. It’s ruled by brainiacs with PhDs and MBAs from Ivy League Schools, who have huge amounts of capital, and all the technological toys money can buy.

When you enter the forex trading world, you have to be ready to dive in and wrestle with the biggest sharks. And they love feasting on noobs.

Are you scared now?


We want to make sure you understand that even though you’ve got to have fun in everything you do, forex trading is serious business and you have to approach it that way.


With all that said, anyone with the passion and commitment to learning this business has the chance to get their small piece of a very, very big pie and then some.


Yes, you can make it, but before beginning your forex trading adventure, here are a few lessons we’ve learned that we’d like to share to help you get started on the right path.