Summary: Position Sizing

After journeying across the globe with Newbie Ned, and through some basic position sizing examples, you’re well on your way to becoming a competent risk manager.

Now knowing how to set the correct position sizes is only a part of what it takes to become a pro at risk management.

The other part is discipline.

Lack Trading Discipline


Stick to your stops and pre-determined risk comfort levels and you’ll be sure to have enough after your losses to take advantage of future profitable opportunities.


Position Sizing Calculator

Finally, we know that you won’t always have a calculator handy or a position sizing feature included with your trading platform, so we, here at, have decided to take it upon ourselves and have built a handy-dandy position sizing calculator for you!

Position Size Calculator

Bam! Aren’t we cool?

Use the forex position size calculator if you need it!

Actually, use it first every single time you decide to put a trade on.

As the old saying goes, “Better to be safe than sorry!”