Understanding risk and reward

While new traders tend to think about how much money they can make, those with experience know it’s much more important to focus on what they could potentially lose.

  1. Planning your exit
  2. Balancing risk and reward
  3. Controlling risk
  4. Maintaining discipline

Trading options with CFDs

Looking for new strategies that can give you the edge in varied market conditions?

Find opportunity in bullish, bearish or even static markets with options CFDs. Whether volatility is high or low, these leveraged products can help you to profit from it – even if you’re not sure which way prices are heading.

  1. What are options?
  2. What are the benefits of trading options?
  3. How are options priced?
  4. Managing the risks of options trading
  5. Buying options – some examples
  6. How to buy an option in the IG platform
  7. Selling options – some examples
  8. How to sell an option in the IG platform
  9. An introduction to the Greeks
  10. Simple strategy 1: trading delta
  11. Simple strategy 2: straddle and strangle